Kickball The Kicker

What is a kicker? What are the goals when at-bat? Get ready to learn about kicking in kickball.


We've already learned that being at-bat is synonymous with a team being on offense. When a team is offense, they have the opportunity to score runs to put their team in the lead.

In this tutorial, we will learn about kickers, what they are, and what their role is offensively in a kickball game.


A kicker is an offensive player who stands in the kicker's box and takes his turn to kick.

Kickball Kicker

Objectives of a kicker

The kicker's objectives during his at-bat are the following:

He tries to achieve these goals through drawing walks, getting hits, and/or avoiding striking out.

At-Bat (Kicker)

When a kicker takes his turn at the kicker's box to kick, that turn is called an at-bat. Remember that the order in which kickers take their at-bats is determined by the lineup or kicking order.


On-deck is a phrase in kickball used to describe the next kicker in the kicking order to be at-bat. This kicker usually waits outside the entrance of the dugout. The next kicker in the kicking order stands in the on-deck circle and practices his kick until it is his turn to bat. Each field has two (2) on-deck circles, one for each team.

Kickball On Deck

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