Kickball Team Roster

How many players are on a kickball team? Get ready to learn about a kickball team roster.

Team Rosters

So how many players are on a kickball team? The amount of players on a team roster will depend on the level of play and the rules of the league you are playing in. Be sure to refer to the rulebook of your league for more information.

Kickball Team

How Many Fielders?

Some leagues say that a team must have at least eight (8) fielders and no more than eleven (11) fielders including a pitcher and catcher.

Kickball is just like baseball and softball in that there are certain player positions for fielders that are recommended, but not enforced. The only required positions in kickball are the pitcher, catcher, and basemen. We'll learn more about kickball player positions in Chapter 4: Kickball Player Positions.

How Many Kickers?

We've already learned about the kicking order. It is used to keep track of the order of kickers when a team is on offense. Some leagues require a minimum number of kickers on the team's kicking order and others don't. A typical kicking order will have as many players as there are in the field. Sometimes a kicking order may have even more players. It all depends on the rules of the league you're playing in!

Base Coaches

A kickball team can have base coaches positioned in the sideline area near 1st base and 3rd base to help advise baserunners on when to advance. The limit is usually two (2) base coaches per team.

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