Kickball Strikes

What is a strike? How are they called? Get ready to learn about strikes in kickball?


We've already learned about the strike zone and how it's an imaginary zone that stretches 1ft in all directions.

Kickball Strike Zone

In this tutorial, we will learn about strikes, how they are called, and what is considered a strike in kickball.


Strikes are an important part of kickball, as they limit the kicker's chances to hit the kickball and demonstrate the skill of the pitcher. All pitches in kickball result in either a strike, ball, or a foul for the kicker. It's all based on the where the pitch ends up in the strike zone and how the kicker reacts to the pitch.

Kickball Strike

A strike can happen in a few ways in kickball:

  1. Any pitch that ends up in the kicker's strike zone and is not kicked by the kicker.
  2. Any time the kicker attempts to kick the kickball but misses. This is called a swing and miss and is an automatic strike regardless of where the pitch ended up in the strike zone.
  3. If a foul is called and the kicker has less than two (2) strikes.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the level of play and the rules of the league you're playing in, fouls may not be called as strikes. However, some leagues will set a limit to the number of fouls a kicker can make. For example, four (4) fouls during an at-bat will result in the kicker being out. Check your league's rulebook for more information.

Foul Balls

A foul ball is a kicked kickball that lands in foul territory, outside the foul lines. Additionally, if the kickball is hit and initially bounces in fair territory between home plate and the bases, then bounces into foul territory before crossing a base, it is considered a foul ball.

Kickball Foul Ball

A foul ball is considered a strike only under certain circumstances. If the kicker has less than two (2) strikes and hits a foul ball, it counts as a strike. If the kicker has two (2) strikes and hits a foul ball, it does not count as the third strike; it is considered a dead ball and the strike count remains the same.

If a foul ball is caught by a defensive player, the batter is out, regardless of the strike count.

REMEMBER: Not every kickball game will count fouls as strikes. Refer to your league's rulebook.


Three (3) strikes and the kicker is out. This is called a strikeout.

Kickball Strikeout

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