Kickball Stealing Base

When should a baserunner steal a base? When should he not steal a base? Get ready to learn about stealing base in kickball.


We've already learned about the baserunner and how he must touch each base in order starting with 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and finally home plate to earn a run for his team.

Kickball Advance

In this tutorial, we will learn about stealing base and the rules that go along with it in kickball.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the level of play and the rules of the league, stealing base might not be allowed. Please refer to your league's rulebook for more information.

Stealing Base

When a runner steals a base, he advances to the next base when he is not entitled to it. Base-stealing most often occurs between first base and second base.

Leading Off

A runner on first base will stand slightly toward second base. This is called leading off. When the pitcher begins his pitching motion, the runner will sprint toward second base. He only has a few seconds to get there safely, because once the kickball reaches the catcher, the catcher will throw it to the second baseman as fast as he can.

Kickball Leading Off

If the runner reaches the base before the second baseman can tag him out, the runner is safe and now occupies second base. Attempting to steal a base is a gamble that only the speediest baserunners are willing to take, and often only in low-risk situations (for example, when there are less than two outs).


Sometimes, a potential base-stealing runner is put out even before he has the chance to steal the base. Runners often stand near the base they are currently on, but in the direction of the next base. This is because runners are not required to touch the base when someone is at-bat, so they take advantage by standing slightly closer to the next base. Runners who are planning to steal will try to get as far in advance as they can get, which puts them at the risk of being picked off.

Pickoffs most often occur at first base: Before his pitch, the pitcher will quickly throw the kickball to the first baseman, who tries to tag the potential base-stealing runner with the kickball. If the first baseman tags the runner before the runner touches first base, the runner is out and the pickoff is successful.

Double Steal

Double steals are rare occurrences in kickball. They may refer to two (2) baserunners stealing bases in the same play (either simultaneously or with a slight delay between them), or a baserunner stealing two (2) bases in one play.

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