Kickball Shortstops

Who is the shorstop on a kickball team? What is his job on the field? Get ready to learn about the shorstop in kickball.


Kickball is similar to baseball and softball in that the player positions are nearly identical. The number of players on a kickball team will vary based on the level of play and the rules of the league.

REMEMBER: The same players on a kickball team play both offense and defense.

Each player has a role to fulfill on the field. In this chapter, we will learn about the shortstop and what his roles are in a kickball game.

The Shortstop

The shortstop is the defensive player (specifically, an infielder) who is stationed in the area in between second base and third base. Unlike the other infielders, the shortstop is not really assigned a specific base.

Kickball Shortstop

Shortstop Responsibilities

As a shortstop, your responsibilities are the following:

IMPORTANT: The position of shortstop is usually reserved for the best fielder on the team, since many balls are hit within the area the shortstop covers.

Field Position Awareness

Like the second baseman, the shortstop is around the center of the action when a kickball is hit into play. The shortstop must have good awareness of players' positions around the infield and know where to throw the kickball next.

Fielding Ground Balls

The shortstop fields many ground balls, often he fields the most ground balls out of all the infielders. Ground balls are kickballs hit fast and low to the ground so that they bounce. Since ground balls travel very quickly, it is important for infielders to get a hold of them quickly so they can throw the baserunner out.

Double Plays

After collecting the kickball, the shortstop often tosses it to the second baseman to begin the double play, or he throws it directly to the first baseman.

Kickball Double Play

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