Kickball Player Equipment

What equipment do the players need to wear in kickball to play the game? Get ready to learn about kickball equipment.


Kickball is similar to sports like baseball and softball, however even less equipment is required to play the game. In this tutorial, we will learn about the equipment required to play kickball.

Player Uniforms

The equipment required to play kickball will vary based on the level of play and the rules of the league you are playing in. Be sure to refer to the rulebook of your league for more information.

If you're playing kickball you should expect to have the following:

Fielders may wear a baseball cap for the purpose of wearing it on the field as part of a uniform and to shade their eyes from the sun.

Game Equipment

Three bases, a pitching strip, a home plate, and a kickball are needed to play the game. A kickball is made of rubber and pressurized with air. The size of the kickball and pressure vary based on the level of play and the rules of the league. You should expect a kickball with a radius of 5in and pressure of 1.5pounds per square in.

Kickball Kickball

Playing Surface

The game of baseball is played on a field of grass and dirt. If you're curious about the dimensions of a kickball field check out Chapter 1.2: Kickball Field Dimensions.

Kickball field

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