Kickball Pitch Styles

How does a pitcher pitch a kickball? What are some various techniques they use? Get ready to learn about various pitching styles in kickball.


There are rules for how a pitcher can pitch a kickball.

In this tutorial, we will learn about the rules of pitching and what a pitcher can and cannot do during a kickball game.

Pitching Requirements

The pitcher must pitch with his hands.

Pitching Styles

A player's pitching style describes how he pitches the kickball. Some leagues do not put a restriction on pitching styles. What is allowed and not allowed will vary based on the level of play and the rules of the league. Be sure to refer to the rulebook of the league for more information.

Proper Field Position

We've already learned about proper field positioning in kickball and the 1st to 3rd diagonal.

Kickball Proper Field Position

All fielders besides the pitcher and catcher must be on or behind the 1st to 3rd diagonal and in fair territory to be in proper field position. If players are not in proper field position, a position warning will be given.

Proper Field Position (The Pitcher)

The pitcher must be on the pitching mound and have at least one (1) foot on or behind the pitching strip when pitching. The pitcher's front foot cannot cross the the pitching strip.

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