Kickball Pickoffs

When a baserunner is leading off on a base, the pitcher can throw a pick in an attempt to tag him out. Get ready to learn about pickoffs in kickball.


The pitcher may have the option to get a runner out by quickly throwing the kickball to a baseman for a tag out.

Kickball Pitcher

In this tutorial, we will learn about pickoffs and how they can surprise runners for a quick out.


A pickoff describes a situation in kickball where the pitcher will quickly throw the kickball to 1st base in hopes of catching the baserunner off-base for a tag out.

Safe vs. Unsafe

A baserunner is always either safe or unsafe relative to a base. A runner must be touching the bag with a part of his body to be considered safe. If he is advancing between bases he is unsafe.

Leading Off

Baserunners are notorious for leading off from a base in hopes of getting an early start at advancing to the next base. If a baserunner is overconfident in his leadoff, he may be susceptible to a pickoff.

Kickball Leading Off

IMPORTANT: Depending on the level of play and the rules of the league, leading off might not be allowed. Please refer to your league's rulebook for more information.

1st Base Pickoffs

Pickoffs most often occur at first base. Before a pitch, the pitcher will quickly throw the kickball to the first baseman, who tries to tag out the baserunner with the kickball. If the first baseman tags the runner before the runner touches first base, the runner is out and the pickoff is successful.

Kickball 1st Base

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