Kickball Line Drives

What is a line drive and a clean hit? How do they work? When should a kicker use this type of kick? Get ready to learn about line drives and clean hits in kickball.


In kickball, kicking does not only mean that a player's leg and foot make contact with the kickball. In order to successfully get a hit, the kickball must land in fair territory and the kicker must safely reach base. There are many different ways a kicker attempts to hit the kickball:

Kickball Kicker

In this tutorial, we will learn more about line drives and clean hits and how they work in kickball.

Clean Hit

A clean hit is a kickball that lands in fair territory without having been touched by a fielder. It commonly refers to a kickball that travels through the infield without being touched by an infielder, or a kickball that goes over an outfielder's head.

Line Drive

A line drive is a hard-kicked kickball that travels through the air, but relatively low/close to the ground without touching it. Line drives can be hard to field unless hit in a fielder's direction, and have a fairly high tendency to become successful hits.

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