Kickball Kicker-Runners

What is a kicker-runner? What are the goals of the kicker once he kicks a pitch? Get ready to learn about the kicker-runner in kickball.


We've already learned about the kicker in the previous tutorial. To recap, the kicker is an offensive player who stands in the kicker's box and takes his turn to kick awaiting pitches thrown by the pitcher who is located on the pitcher's mound. The kicker's objective first and foremost is to make contact with the pitch.

REMEMBER: The order in which kickers take their at-bats is determined by the lineup or kicking order.

But what happens after the kicker successfully kicks a pitch?

In this tutorial, we will learn about the kicker-runner, what they are, and what their role is offensively in a kickball game.


A kicker-runner is the term used to describe the offensive player right after he has successfully kicked the kickball and put it into play.

Kickball Kicker-Runner

Objectives of a Kicker-Runner

The kicker-runner's objectives are the following:


Overrunning is a tactic used by kicker-runners when trying to reach first base. Often, if a kickball is not hit hard, the kicker is only concerned with reaching first base -- he can worry about second base and third base later.

Kickball Overrun

Therefore, his running path is straight to first base. Since it is hard to stop exactly at first base when sprinting, kicker-runners will often let their momentum carry through, and end up running past first base. In this process, if he touches first base before an infielder can tag or throw him out, he is safe. However, he must return to first base immediately after overrunning it, or he may be called out.

REMEMBER: Overrunning is only allowed for kicker-runners going to first base.

Becoming a Baserunner

Once the kicker-runner is called safe on-base, he becomes a baserunner or runner. Once the kickball is returned to the pitcher, the play ends and the next kicker is on-bat.

Kickball Baserunner

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