Kickball Home Vs. Away

Who is the home team? Who is the away team? What does that even mean? Get ready to learn about home vs. away and the perks of being each in a kickball game.

Home vs. Away

Kickball is a game played between two (2) teams. A team is always classified as either:

Each classification comes with specific advantages in a kickball game.

Kickball Team

The Home Team

The home team is the team that owns the playing surface. They always bat second, at the bottom of each inning (which we learned about in the previous chapter). As a result of owning the playing surface, they have something called home field advantage.

Home Field Advantage

Home field advantage, or more generally home advantage is not unique to just kickball. In fact, it is a common term used across all types of sports. It is a mental edge that a team or individual has over the opponent.

This mental edge exists because:

  1. the team or individual has had prior experience on the playing surface.
  2. the team or individual has a higher number of fans in attendance.

The Away Team

The away team is the team that is visiting. They do not own the playing surface. They have the disadvantage of playing on the opposing team's field. They always bat first, at the top of each inning.

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