Kickball Ground Balls

What is a ground ball? How does a fielder field this type of ball during a game? Get ready to learn about ground balls in kickball.

Ground Balls

A ground ball is a kickball that is hit low to the ground so that it bounces or rolls.

In this tutorial, we will learn about ground balls, how to field them, and some techniques you should employ as a fielder.

Fielding Ground Balls

Ground balls are typically fielded by infielders, who position themselves in front of the kickball, squat slightly and place their gloves close to the ground so the kickball can simply bounce into the glove. Once they have possession of the kickball, they quickly throw it to another infielder to put a runner out, or step on the base closest to them if a runner is approaching it.

Bad Hops

Bad hops are ground balls that unexpectedly and suddenly bounce in another direction, sometimes in front of an infielder just as he is about to field it. Bad hops are notorious for bouncing sharply up, which can be dangerous for an infielder as it might hit his chin or face.

However, bad hops can go in any direction. They are usually caused by imperfections in the infield dirt, such as any large pebbles, concentrated piles of dirt, or dips. They can also be caused if the kickball has a certain spin.

Up the Middle

A kickball hit up the middle is a kickball, commonly a ground ball, that travels through the center of the field. That is, the kicker hits the kickball in such a way that it travels past the pitcher's mound, over second base, and into centerfield.

Kickball Up The Middle

kickers often get a hit and reach base when they hit kickballs up the middle, since there is usually not a fielder directly on second base (the second baseman and shortstop tend to stand on either side of second base, but not directly next to it).

Down the Line

A kickball hit down the line is a kickball, commonly a ground ball, that is hit along one of the foul lines. The kickball will bounce very close to the line or even on the line, but it stays fair -- if the kickball bounces into foul territory, it is no longer a kickball hit down the line, but simply just a foul kickball.

Kickball Down The Line

kickballs hit the line are notoriously tricky for fielders because they must run all the way to the edge of the field to retrieve the kickball, and sometimes they cannot tell if the kickball is fair or foul. A kickball hit down the line will often result in a hit for the kicker.

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