Kickball Ghost Runners

What is a ghost runner? How do they work? What are the rules? Get ready to learn about ghost runners in kickball.


Kickball is a recreational game and is meant to be fun. If you're playing a kickball game, and ever put in a situation where you don't have enough players you can use something called a ghost player.

Kickball Ghost Man

In this tutorial, we will learn about ghost players, how they work, and the rules associated with them in kickball.

Ghost Player

Ghost players also known as ghost men are players that don't actually exist, but are used to fulfill a role needed in a kickball game. You can think of a ghost player like computer player if you've ever played a video game. They always follow the rules of the game and are assumed to be of average playing ability.

Ghost Runners

One such player is called a ghost runner, also known as a ghost man, is an invisible baserunner. A ghost runner that is used to run the bases when not enough players are on a kicking order. They are assumed to run at the same speed as the kicker who is at-bat.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the level of play and the rules of the league, ghost players might not be allowed. Please refer to your league's rulebook for more information.

Advancing Bases

The ghost runner can only advance the number of bases as the kicker who is at-bat.

Kickball Advance


The ghost runner is assumed to run at the same speed as the kicker who is at-bat.

Multiple Ghost Runners

The same rules will apply to multiple ghost runners.

Force Plays

If there is a ghost runner on 2nd base, he is not required to run to 3rd base on if the kicker hits a base-hit. On a double, it is assumed that the ghost runner will only advance to 3rd base.

Kickball Force Play

Example Play

There is a ghost runner on 1st base and a kicker is at-bat in the kicker's box. The kicker successfully makes contact with the pitch. He runs towards 1st base. If he reaches 1st base then it is assumed that the ghost runner reaches 2nd base safely. If a fielder touches the 2nd base before the kicker gets to 1st base, then the ghost runner is out.

REMEMBER: Not all kickball games and leagues will allow ghost players. The rules may also vary depending on the rules of a league.

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