Kickball Field Position

What is proper field position in kickball? What are the rules that fielders need to follow? Get ready to learn about field position for fielders in kickball.


Imagine a scenario where fielders decide to move very close to the kicker in attempt to block any kick. This would be unfair to the kicker and ruin the fun of the game. As a result, there is a rule in kickball that prevents this called field position.

In this tutorial, we will learn about the rules that fielders need to follow to maintain proper field position.

The 1st To 3rd Diagonal

We've already learned about the 1st to 3rd diagonal and where it is located on a kickball field in Chapter 1.1: Kickball Field Lines.

Kickball 1st To 3rd Diagonal

Just a reminder, it is an imaginary line that connects a point on 1st base to a point on 3rd base.

Proper Field Position

It is used to align fielders before every pitch. All fielders must be on or behind this line and in fair territory prior to the pitch thrown by the pitcher. The pitcher and catcher are the only fielders that do not have to be behind this line.

Proper Field Position (The Kicker)

The catcher must be in the kicking box behind the kicker and not interfere with the kick.

Kickball Kicker's Box

Proper Field Position (The Pitcher)

The pitcher must be on the pitching mound and have at least one (1) foot on or behind the pitching strip when pitching. The pitcher's front foot cannot cross the the pitching strip.

Kickball Pitcher's Strip

Position Warnings

A position warning will be given to a team that does not follow this rule. After the first position warning, all position warnings result in the kicker taking a base regardless of the kick.

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