Kickball Field Dimensions

Ever wonder how big a kickball field is? Get ready to learn about the dimensions of the field.

The Kickball Field

We've already seen what the kickball field, sometimes called a kickball diamond, looks like:

Kickball Field

Kickball Field Dimensions

Kickball is a recreational game and not highly governed by league rules. As such, the dimensions of a kickball field will match what is available at your local park. Kickball games will take place on multi-purpose playing surfaces, usually resembling a baseball field or softball field. The field dimensions may vary slightly based on the ballpark or stadium itself, since not every component of the field is defined by a specific measurement.

Regulation Kickball Field Dimensions

With that said, some leagues define specific measurements for a regulation kickball field that resemble that of a softball field.

Kickball Field Dimensions

REMEMBER: Kickball is a recreational game, so don't worry if the field isn't perfect. Just get out and play!

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