Kickball Center Fielders

Who is the center fielder on a kickball team? What is his job on the field? Get ready to learn about the center fielder in kickball.


Kickball is similar to baseball and softball in that the player positions are nearly identical. The number of players on a kickball team will vary based on the level of play and the rules of the league.

REMEMBER: The same players on a kickball team play both offense and defense.

Each player has a role to fulfill on the field. In this chapter, we will learn about the center fielder and what his roles are in a kickball game.

The Center Fielder

The center fielder is the defensive player (specifically, an outfielder) who is in charge of fielding kickballs that are kicked into center field.

Kickball Center Fielder

He covers everything from shallow center field to the outfield fence, and from left-center field to right-center field.

Center Fielder Responsibilities

As a center fielder, your responsibilities are the following:

Center Fielder Physical Traits

Since the outfield fence is typically the deepest/farthest distance from home plate, center fielders have a lot of ground to cover. They must be fast runners and have a strong throwing arm to be able to throw from the deepest part of the field to the bases.

If you look at outfielders standing in their positions, you will notice they do not all stand in a straight, horizontal line across the outfield. Instead, the center fielder usually stands deeper, or farther from home plate, than the other outfielders. This is because center field is usually the deepest part of the field, and center fielders must adjust themselves accordingly. Once again, it is important that center fielders are speedy runners and strong throwers because they cover so much ground and are far from the bases.

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