Kickball Catchers

Who is the catcher on a kickball team? What is his job on the field? Get ready to learn about the catcher in kickball.


Kickball is similar to baseball and softball in that the player positions are nearly identical. The number of players on a kickball team will vary based on the level of play and the rules of the league.

REMEMBER: The same players on a kickball team play both offense and defense.

Each player has a role to fulfill on the field. In this chapter, we will learn about the catcher and what his roles are in a kickball game.

The Catcher

The catcher squats behind home plate, in the kicking box just behind the kicker. He receives the pitches that the pitcher throws, and tosses the kickball back to the pitcher after a pitch.

Kickball Catcher

Catcher Responsibilities

The catcher has three (3) responsibilities:

  1. Catching each pitch the kicker does not make contact with and throwing it back to the pitcher.
  2. Preventing baserunners from scoring runs who are advancing to home plate from 3rd base by getting them out.
  3. Signaling to the pitcher what pitch should be thrown.

Catchers need strong legs and strong arms. While playing defense, they are almost constantly in a squatting position. After receiving a pitch, they can throw out runners who try to steal bases, and need a strong arm in order to out-throw the speedy runners. We will learn more about stealing bases in future chapters.

REMEMBER: Some leagues do not allow stealing in a game. You should refer to a league's rulebook for more information.

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