Kickball Appeals

What is an appeal? When are they called in a kickball game? Get ready to learn how teams can overturn a call by an referee.


We've already learned about the referees in kickball. They are responsible for making all calls in a kickball game as they pertain to the rulebook. But sometimes, they make a mistakes. As a player if you believe a call was incorrect, you can make an appeal to the head referee.

In this tutorial, we will learn about how appeals work and who can request them in a kickball game.

Team Captains

Each team has a one (1) captain and one (1) co-captain. Only the captains can make an appeal to Head Referee. If a player other than a captain argues with a referee, that player may be ejected.


Appeals can be made by the defensive team to bring attention to a member of the offensive team breaking a rule, that the referee failed to/might not see. Common appeal plays include the following:

An appeal must be made before the next pitch/play. Defensive teams can make appeals either verbally or by making an action that clearly shows they would like to appeal, usually by pointing at a location where a rule was broken.

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