Kickball Basic Rules For Kids


Kickball Rules

A kickball setup looks like a baseball field, with three bases and home plate the same distance away from each other.

Each team takes turns being on offense and defense.

The pitcher rolls the ball toward home plate and the “batter” attempts to kick it into play.

The ball must be rolled on the ground when pitching.

The pitcher must stay behind the pitching line until the ball is kicked.

A strike only counts if the ball rolls within one foot of the kicker.

If a player gets three strikes, which is either an attempted kick, foul ball, or when a player doesn’t kick the ball, then they are out.

The ball must be kicked with your foot from behind home plate.

To get a player out, players must either catch the kicked ball before it hits the ground, tag the runner with the ball, or tag the base while holding the ball before the runner gets there.

Once three players are out, the teams switch sides so that the kicking team moves to pitching and vice versa. 

Players can only score a point if a player crosses home base. 

The team with the most runs is the winner.