About Kickball

Kickball is played on a Diamond shaped field with equal sides of 60 feet. The duration of a game is five innings, although it can have anywhere between three to nine innings. The goal of kickball is to achieve more runs than the other team by kicking the ball into the field and running around the bases without being called "out".

kickball field


The head referee determines whether or not the field is appropriate for use before the game, and they have power over all final calls during gameplay. The head referee is also required to be in attendance for a kickball game. The first base referee is located by the first base, and makes all calls for first baseline fouls, and plays at first and second. The first base referee is not mandatory, but useful when available.

kickball inning


Regulation games are games that qualify in kickball. Kickball games do not go into overtime, in the event of a tie, the game shall be marked as a tie. Games can be stopped by a referee, but, if the game has completed three innings or more the leading team score will receive the win, and will be counted as a regulation game. If a game is called off before the completion of inning three, it will not be considered a regulation game, and will be rescheduled.

Kickball Equipment

Rules and Regulations

There is no regulated style of pitching in kickball, the only rule is that you must pitch by hand.

kickball pitcher

Any touch below the knee to a below counts as a kick. Kicking in kickball must be done below the knee, by foot or by the leg. Kicks must be done at or behind the home base, and they cannot cross the front of the base at all. Bunt kicks are also allowed in kickball. After a valid kick, runners must run within the baseline. Runners may change directions while running in order to avoid being out, but not more than four feet away from the path. Runners may not steal bases or lead off bases.

Kickball observes a three strikes you're out rule. A singular out is also equivalent to four fouls, and is determined by the referees.

kickball strike