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Kickball is a sport that was started in the US. The game is especially popular with school aged children. Kickball is a cheaper and easier alternative to the national pastime, baseball. The objective of the game is to score more runs than the other team. You did this, not with a bat and ball but by kicking a large rubber ball. The pitcher doesn't throw the ball but instead they roll it. The game doesn't have the same popularity as baseball or other major sports, however, kickball is a very popular game for children and even adult leagues.


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What is Kickball?

Kickball is a very popular schoolyard sport that is very similar to baseball except you kick a ball and run around the bases to score runs.

What are the rules of kickball?

Kickball's rules are very similar to baseball rules. If you kick a ball in the air and it's caught you're out. If the kickball is thrown to the base before you get there, you're out. If you get hit with the ball in between the bases you're out. The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins.

What is a kickball made of?

A kickball is usually made out of rubber, and is usually red too. You can use other balls for kickball though, as long as they're soft enough to kick.

What ball is used for kickball?

You can use a soccer ball for kickball. The official ball is a rubber ball that is 10 inches in diameter and is bouncy. This is a kickball. It is similar to a dodgeball but a little bigger and harder.


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