What Do Men Wear To The Kentucky Derby?

What Do Men Wear To The Kentucky Derby

While primarily a horse racing event, the Kentucky Derby is an occasion known for showcasing extravagant men’s and women’s fashion. Women’s fashion may be the main takeaway, but what do men wear to the Kentucky Derby? Adorned by bright and colorful outfits, this function is the opportunity for men to dress classy yet flashy. Learn more about men’s fashion and how to find an outfit for the Kentucky Derby below.

Suit & Tie

Per tradition, men typically sport a suit and tie to the Kentucky Derby, yet there’s a fashionable twist. The Kentucky Derby recommends that gentlemen wear a blazer or sport coat, a dress shirt, stylish pants, and a tie. As the main component of the outfit, a blazer can be a traditional, neutral color; however, a recent trend involves tropical-colored blazers with plaid or stripes. The Derby also recommends three buttons for a refined look, but two buttons is acceptable. Underneath the blazer, a dress shirt should complement the rest of the outfit as either a neutral or something that pops. The pants should be another striking aspect of the outfit. The Kentucky Derby shares popular colors for trousers, such as Key Lime, Ocean, and Bermuda Pink. The final element that “ties” the outfit all together is the necktie.

In many cases, men choose a tie that matches the color of their outfits or fits the theme of the event. Bowties are also a popular choice among men. When choosing an outfit for this one-of-a-kind event, it’s important to be adventurous and always incorporate a splash of color!

Derby Accessories

Along with a stylish and colorful outfit, other accessories can add to the men’s attire. In terms of shoes, loafers are a preference for those who attend; however, a nice pair of dress shoes, such as oxfords, is also common. Although not as fancy as the women’s hats, fedoras and bowler hats can be a great addition to an outfit. In place of a hat, a classy pair of sunglasses is another option. Since the Kentucky Derby centers around the horse race, minor accessories that adhere to the theme can enhance an outfit even more. For instance, cufflinks with horses or horseshoes are a very unique and interesting element to consider. While the suit and tie are the main events, these accessories can add even more to an already fashionable outfit.

Where Can I Shop?

A variety of options exist for Kentucky Derby shopping that range from affordable to expensive. Vineyard Vines is designated as the official style of the Kentucky Derby, and this company offers a plethora of options for outfits, such as colorful jackets and bowties. By a simple online search, other common retailers are perfect destinations to find elements of an outfit, such as Amazon, larger retail stores like Macy’s, Men’s Wearhouse, and more. While the Kentucky Derby is a high-class event, men do not have to spend an outrageous amount of money to look nice; therefore, researching what works best for you is key.