What Skills Do You Need In Karate?

What are the skills needed in karate

There is a wide range of skills needed to be successful in karate training, below are those that are most vital.


The ability to focus is critical in karate. Many techniques require careful listening and focus to practice properly. This is a characteristic that karate seeks to teach younger participants.


Karate can be both mentally and physically exhausting at times. For this reason, karate students need determination to persevere through all the difficult challenges the sport can present.


Respect is a cornerstone of karate and numerous other martial arts. Having respect for the art, institution, instructors, peers, and community are highly emphasized in any karate school.

Coordination and Motor Skills

Karate encompasses many different physical techniques and styles. These can involve multitasking and learning actions that your body is not used to. Being well coordinated and having sharp motor skills helps karate participants learn quickly.


Many techniques learned in karate involve responding to physical altercation, and karate strongly believes that its skills should only be used for self defense. It is of utmost importance for karate students to utilize restraint and self control when utilizing the techniques they learn.

Eagerness to Learn

The amount of skills and different applications within karate is nearly endless. Students must always be eager to continue learning in order to properly grasp concepts. Students should always look to learn more from karate, even when they believe they have learned it all.

Seven Virtues

The 7 Virtues of Bushido are characteristics that many karate schools base their teaching and beliefs on. These virtues have traditionally represented someone with strong self discipline and high performance in the martial arts. These virtues directly align with many of today's most necessary skills and characteristics taught in karate dojos.