How Much Does A Karate Instructor Make?

How Much Does A Karate Instructor Make

Karate instructors are responsible for teaching children values such as self-defense, discipline, determination, and hard work. They work to instill these values by guiding their students through training exercises and technique practice. By teaching their students to fall properly, take hits, use their momentum to their advantage, and safely strike back, karate instructors aid their learners in testing their limits and becoming physically self-reliant.

A Karate Instructor’s Salary

Karate instructors earn an average of $31,727 a year or about $15 to $20 an hour. While karate instructors do better in certain states, they can expect to earn around $20,000 to $40,000 a year. They earn the most in Hawaii and on the East Coast, making an average of $48,743 a year in Hawaii, $44,218 in New Jersey, and $46,438 in New York, according to Zippia. They earn the least amount of money in the Midwest, only making about $21,000 in Iowa.

Can You Make a Living as a Karate Instructor?

While $30,000 a year is not much to live on, karate instructors can make money in other ways. For example, many karate instructors have their own dojo and thus can charge others for their services at higher prices rather than making a base salary. However, this can prove to be very difficult. Running a karate school means running your own business. It is essential to do a good deal of marketing to get your dojo’s name out there. Additionally, being financially self-reliant and knowing the basics of operating a business is imperative.

If they do work for somebody else, they can earn money in other ways by taking up a hobby. Instructors develop good skills with kids; therefore, teaching, tutoring, or coaching are all viable options for extra income, which can be done in the private or public sector.

Granted, there are always those success stories, such as Bruce Lee. Lee starred in many famous movies as a karate action hero. In 1959, he began his karate teaching career, guiding his students in the way of Jun Fan Gung Fu (which means Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu). At the time of his death, Lee amassed $10 million from his movies and celebrity status. While this is not realistic for many karate instructors, there is always the opportunity to earn more through media. Social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook allow instructors to get their name out there and could jumpstart their career as social media karate influencers.


How much do karate instructors make on average?

Karate instructors earn anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 annually, averaging $15 to $20 an hour. This amount varies from state to state. Karate instructors do best in Hawaii and in states on the East Coast, especially New Jersey and New York.

Is a karate instructor a good career?

Being a karate instructor is a great career. It is incredibly fulfilling, as it allows teachers to impact the trajectory of young lives. There are few things more fulfilling than shaping and directing young minds. While it does not pay very well, there are other ways to make the job financially successful. Karate instructors can make a name for themselves on social media and earn money through fame, advertisements, and exposure. Additionally, karate instructors can charge their students more as they build their reputation and work hard to develop and market their skills.