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The main concept of karate is the art of self-defense. It is a weaponless martial art that requires use of all parts of the body in numerous attacking and defensive techniques. Belt colors are used to signify a karate student's level, white being a beginner level, and black being a highly advanced level. There are three different types of karate practices, known as Kihon (basic technique), Kata (combat simulation), and Kumite (sparring).

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What is Karate?

Karate is a martial arts form that preaches self defense exclusively with the body and mind.

What country is karate from?

Karate originated in the country of Japan, but was also heavily influenced by Chinese martial arts.

What is the purpose of karate?

The purpose of karate is to exercise both physically and mentally. Karate helps people to develop a more clear thought process, self-confidence, composure, and a deeper understanding of oneself along with the physical benefits. Along with fighting and self defense, karate aims to improve an individual as an all-around person.

How dangerous is karate?

Considering karate is a sport martial art indicating that there is concern for an opponent's well-being, it is no where near dangerous on a lethal level. However, as with most martial arts, bruises and sprains occur most often.

What does karate literally mean?

The word karate is comprised of two chinese characters kara and te. Kara translates to "empty", while te translates to hand. Therefore, the literal translation of karate is "empty hand," which most likely refers to it being weaponless fighting.

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