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The sport of karate is one of the most technical sports there is. It combines strength, strategy, and technique into beating an opponent by scoring more points than them. Becoming successful in the sport of karate takes lots of time and practice to become a master at the craft. The sport is fought one vs one with each individual wearing protective gear on their shins, feet, chest, and mouth. Points are awarded for attacking certain areas on the body including the head, face, neck, chest, abdomen, side, or back and good technique must be used in order to be awarded a point. Karate is also taught across the country and globe to everyday individuals looking to stay fit as well as some small form of self-defense if necessary.


Karate can be traced back to as early as the 1300s originating in the islands off the coast of Japan. It grew immensely after being brought back to the mainland of Japan later on in the mid-1900s and took off globally. Many tournaments take place globally in karate all run by the World Karate Federation, the main governing body of the sport. Karate is making a monumental first appearance in the 2020 Olympic Games as a homage to its creation in Japan, where the next games are held. There will be three separate weight classes for both men and women in the upcoming games creating many intriguing matches to watch. Karate has grown into being a global sport practiced by all types of people and its inclusion in the next Olympics is a culmination of this growth.

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