What is Jump Roping?

jump roping

Jump rope is generally introduced to people when they are children as a way to have fun while getting exercise. It is a great workout, and many people find it fun to compete in competitions against others. There are many ways you can compete. This includes jumping rope on a team or individually.


Jump roping has been an activity enjoyed by people dating back to ancient times. There was no exact date when evidence of jump rope formed, but most people assume that jump roping originated around 1600 A.D in Egypt.

The first people to participate in jump roping in America were early Dutch settlers. The 1940s and 1950s is when jump roping first started to become popular. During this time, children that lived in inner cities would use jump roping as a way to play. But as television and radio started to gain popularity, the popularity of jump roping began to decrease.

The decline in popularity didn't last long. In the 1970s, the popularity of the sport was reinvigorated. This was due to the increased interest in improving people’s physical and mental health. Programs started to introduce this activity with the hope of preventing kids from getting involved in unhealthy activities. Since then, jump roping has become a popular way for everyone to exercise. It is used in fitness centers, training programs and gyms.

Jump Roping Equipment

Jump Roping Equipment

Jump Roping is a sport that requires very little equipment. The rope is portable, light, and can be used almost anywhere. The other important piece of equipment for jump roping is closed-toed shoes. These are important because it can be easy to injure yourself with unstable or open-toed shoes.

Here is the essential Jump Roping equipment you should have:

  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Jump Rope


When participating in jump roping, it is important to master the rope’s movement and understand when to jump. Being able to do both at the same time will allow you to effectively participate in the activity.


Jump Roping Lingo

Here is the common lingo and slang in Jump Roping:

Bell: This is a type of jump roping where you will jump forward then backwards while keeping both feet together.

Crossover: This is a type of jump roping where you will cross your arms and jump continuously.

Double Side Swing and Jump: This is a type of jump roping where you twirl the rope to the right side, then the left side, then jump over the rope.

Double Under: This is a type of jump roping where the rope will go under your feet twice during one jump.

Handles: This is the part of the jump rope that you hold onto when jump roping. It is located at both ends of the rope.

Rope: This is what jump ropers refer to when they talk about their jump rope.

Side Swing: This is a type of jump roping where you will twirl the rope to one side and then the other side. You will repeat this motion alternatively on each side.

Single Side Swing and Jump: This is a type of jump roping where you twirl the rope to the left side of your body, then jump over the rope and do the same thing, but on the right side of your body. You will alternate continuously between the left and right side of your body.

Skier: This is a type of jump roping where you will jump to the left, then jump to the right. Both of your feet should move laterally and together.

Skipping Rope: This is a term that refers to jump roping continuously.


In jump roping, there are four main organizations. These organizations each have their own focuses and goals. The American Jump Rope Federation, USA Jump Rope, and the National Double Dutch League focus on jump roping within the United States. The International Jump Rope Union is an organization that focuses on jump roping internationally. These organizations hold competitions and leagues that allow avid jump ropers to compete against each other on teams and individually.

Here are the most popular Jump Roping organizations you should know:

  • American Jump Rope Federation
  • International Jump Rope Union
  • National Double Dutch League
  • USA Jump Rope

Events and Competitions

Jump Roping Events and Competitions

In the United States, there are two popular options for competitions. Both of these competitions allow for most ages and levels of competition to compete. They hold events for all types of jump roping, including team and individual competitions.

Here are the most popular tournaments in Jump Roping:

U.S National Jump Rope Championships: This is a tournament that is very popular in the U.S. This tournament has single rope and double dutch events for ages ranging from young children to seniors. In this tournament, there is the option of doing a team competition where they perform with music. All competitors will compete in their regions, then those who qualify will compete at regional tournaments, then national tournaments. Over 4,000 members and 150 rope organizations participate in this national competition.

American Jump Rope National Championship: This is a very well-known competition in the United States for jump roping. This competition allows for varying ages and types of jump roping to compete.