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Top 5 Judo Brands

Top 5 Judo Brands

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Founded in 1969, FUJI Sports has been dedicated to producing top quality martial arts gear for all levels of competition. What makes FUJI's products so high quality is the brand's management. FUJI is led by Lia Hatashita and Jimmy Pedro. Pedro, a two-time olympic medalist in Judo, contributes key product knowledge that makes FUJI products so durable and affordable. Many practitioners of Judo attest to the rugged durability and high quality of FUJI products. Among the list of top quality products that FUJI produces, their "Double Weave Judo Gi" is their best seller. This affordable uniform is one of the most popular on the market.


2. Mizuno

In 1906, Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno founded Mizuno Brothers Ltd., originally producing baseball gear. Over the years Mizuno grew its customer base, expanding its range of products to cater to different sports. Mizuno's judo equipment is regarded as top quality products in the judo community. This is attributed to the high quality design of its uniforms, developed through years of research. As a company, Mizuno strives to pioneer new technologies in the sports equipment industry. One of the more popular Mizuno judo gis is the SHIAI. This uniform is well liked due to its extremely durable construction and mobility.


3. Adidas

Adidas produces equipment for a wide array of different sports and is one of the largest manufacturers of sporting goods in the world. Adidas' judo equipment is extremely popular, due to its affordability, accessibility, and decent quality. Adidas has partnerships with many martial arts schools around the globe and sponsors many judo national teams. The reason Adidas is the third best judo brand in the world is because its quality is not as premium as Mizuno and Fuji equipment. Although, Adidas equipment is often more affordable due to its wide availability. Many people new to the sport of judo opt for Adidas uniforms because of this factor.


4. Fighting Films

Fighting Films is unique because originally, the brand focused on producing judo films for education and competition highlights. In the past 30 years, Fighting Films began to switch its focus from video production to also include judo uniform production. Since then, Fighting Films has established itself as a well recognized brand that has contributed a lot to the judo community. Fighting Film's history of producing educational films and competition highlights has allowed the company to gain a strong influence. Fighting Film's equipment is well liked because of the company's dedication to judo and strong support for judo athletes worldwide.


5. Ronin

Beginning its name in a small storefront located in New York City, the Kinji San company produced its small martial arts uniform line titled Ronin. Since its creation, Ronin uniforms have been well liked by a small fan base in the judo community. Ronin uniforms are valued for their extra rows of stitching and duck canvas material, making the uniforms very durable. While the Ronin brand is not as large as others on this list, it is highly recommended by experienced judokas. Additionally, Ronin judo uniforms are very affordable. This is beneficial for new judokas who may be trying the sport out. Ronin is a great brand to those new and veteran in the sport of judo.


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