Although judo is defined as unarmed combat, judo is very much a competitive sport that consists of both physical and mental preparation. It is a type of martial art that is practiced by men and women of all ages and originated from jujutsu. It is popular among young adult men, in particular. It is closely related to karate and other forms of martial arts, where the main goal is for the person to take down his opponent. Ironically, judo translates as the "gentle way" or "gentle path."

Judo may look dangerous and aggressive, but it is a very technical sport that doesn't include any equipment. It began in Japan and is now an Olympic-wide and popular sport. There are many techniques and technicalities to judo.

Those who practice judo train the mind and body in more ways than one- they practice resisting temptations, balancing impulses, and trusting the mind to work as one with the body. Many who practice judo begin at an early age so they can learn manners and etiquette as a child.

Posture and balance is everything in judo. Clothed in their white uniforms, judo beginners learn to stand in a natural, upright position before they begin any match. Keep reading to learn more about judo, its rules, and its history.

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