Kickball Positions

Are you still deciding what position to play in kickball? You can explore the positions below by hovering over the shadows. We also have a description of each position below.
Kickball Positions

Positions Like Baseball

The positions in kickball are very similar to the player positions in baseball. Depending on the rules of your league, you may have more or less than nine players on the field during an inning. Make sure you refer to the rules of your kickball league for how many fielders you can have. For this tutorial, we will assume you have nine fielders.

TIP: You can hover or click on the shadows in the diagram above to reveal more information.

The Pitcher

In a kickball game, you'll always have a pitcher. Your pitcher is one of the most important positions, since he pitches the ball to the kicker. If you're playing pitcher, make sure you understand the strike zone and how to throw various types of pitches. In some situations, you may need to cover first base.

The Catcher

If you're playing catcher, you will squat behind home plate and catch pitches thrown by the pitcher. Make sure you don't interfere with the batter, but be ready to grab the ball and throw it to a baseman if a baserunner is stealing base!

The Basemen

There are three basemen positions you can play.

  1. First baseman
  2. Second baseman
  3. Third baseman

As a baseman, you should be prepared to apply a force out, by tagging the base. You should also be ready to tag out a baserunner if he comes your way.


As an outfielder, you'll stand in the outfield either in center field, right field, or left field. Your job is just as important as an infielder. You are the last line of defense for a hard kicked ball near the fence. You can play center fielder, right fielder, or left fielder.


Lastly, the shortstop will cover ground balls and line drives that fly between 2nd base and 3rd base. As a shortstop, you should be ready to throw to the 1st baseman and 2nd baseman for an out.

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