Basketball Positions

The player positions in basketball can be confusing to understand. You can explore the roles of each position below.
Basketball Positions

Player Positions

There are five player positions in basketball called the point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. Each player has a role and responsibility to play in a game.

The Center

The center, also known as the post player, is the tallest player on the team. The center takes jump balls and is great at posting up in the paint for easy layups and dunks.

The Power Forward

The power forward starts an offensive drive by getting the ball and bringing it towards the top of the key. Power forwards are great at dribbling and overall fantastic ball-handlers.

The Small Forward and Shooting Guard

The small forward and shooting guard are great at shooting on the perimeters of the court near the wings and corners. Get the ball into a these player's hands to make a three-pointer.

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