Baseball Positions

What are the positions of a baseball team? What is a pitcher and catcher responsible for? Hover over the shadows below to learn more.
Baseball Positions

The Fielders

The same nine players play in the field as fielders and bat in the dugout during a baseball game. There are nine fielder positions you should know

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The Infielders

The infielders are players who stand in the infield and are the basemen, shortstop, pitcher, and catcher.


The pitcher throws the ball to the catcher in hopes of striking out a batter. This is called a pitch. The pitcher stands on the pitcher's mound and sometimes leaves the mound to help the first baseman field a ground ball.


The catches catches all pitches thrown by the pitcher and crouches behind home plate in front of the umpire.

The Basemen

The baseman are each assigned a base, either first base, second base, or third base. On a force play, the baseman can catch the ball and tag out a baserunner.


The shortstop stands between the third baseman and second baseman. He will help the 2nd baseman in difficult fielding situations.

The Outfielders

The left fielder, right fielder, and center fielder are known as outfielders because they stand in the outfield. The outfield is made up of left field, right field, and center fielder. These players catch deep balls and must have strong throwing arms to throw to the infielders at base.


All players shift on the field if the batter is a left-handed hitter or right-handed hitter. Sometimes the fielders move closer or farther away from home plate if a power hitter is at-bat.

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