What Is A Skater Skirt?

What Is A Skater Skirt

Skater skirts are widely seen in the skating community, and they are meant to help skaters maintain a flowing appearance as they move across the rink. As skater skirts are extremely popular garments, there are different styles and reasons that a skater will wear one. Read on to learn all about how skirts are used in skating.

What Are Skater Skirts?

Skater skirts are skirts that figure skaters wear while they perform a routine or practice. They have a fitted waist and they flow into an A-line silhouette. They are typically worn over a bodysuit during competitions and over tights during practice. Skater skirts are made from a variety of different materials. Typically, designers use spandex, lycra, or stretchy mesh. Occasionally, a designer will create one made of velvet or lace. The most important aspect of these skirts is that they have some kind of four-way stretch. This allows skaters to move in various ways such as bending, jumping, gliding, and moving around the ice.

History of Skating Skirts

Skirts have always been seen on the skating rink, going as far back as the 1920s when skaters wore ankle length skirts along with cashmere sweaters. By 1956, short skirts (usually falling mid-thigh) had become more popular for women skaters. The short skater skirt was made popular by Sonja Henie. During the 1988 Olympics, a Russian skater, Katarina Witt, didn’t wear a full skirt during her competition. Instead, she wore features that flowed around her mid-thigh. The feathers resembled a skirt. Due to this, strict clothing guidelines were passed. It was considered against the rules to wear pants but the rule was repealed in 2004.

Why Wear a Skater Skirt?

Figure skaters wear skirts because it allows for freer movement. The complex jumps that skaters performed require them to be light on their skates. This means that their costumes shouldn’t add extra weight, hence why lighter materials such as spandex are used for skater skirts. The shorter skirts prevent any extra fabric from flapping around which could cause extra drag or get caught on their skates. Skaters whose routines don’t involve many jumps can opt for a slightly longer skirt.

Practice Skater Skirts

Pull-up skater skirts can be worn in place of a full skating costume during practice. Pull-up skater skirts are waist-down skating dresses and can be worn over tights and bodysuits. These skirts can allow for skaters to practice their jumps and allows skaters to tailor their practice gear to fit their skating needs.

Tips for Choosing a Skater Skirt

When picking out a skater skirt, a skater has to pick the style that fits their body best. Factors that should be taken into consideration include waistline, length, and material. By ensuring a properly fitted skirt, skaters will feel most comfortable during their routines. Typically, skaters choose shorter skirts as certain routines are more intense than others. Skirts should typically not be too heavy so as not to weigh the skater down. This is why skaters typically choose lighter materials such nylon, spandex, or lycra.