Ice Skating Laces

Ice Skating Laces

Ice skating and figure skating require a comfortable and fitted pair of skates, and just as important is a pair of properly fitted laces. Ice skating laces help keep the skate nice and snug on the user's feet. An ice skater can choose between two primary types of laces, both with their own set of benefits and downsides.

What are ice skating laces used for?

When selecting a brand new pair of skates for either leisure use or a figure skating competition, there are a few different options and types to choose from. The type of lace that is used to tie up the skate can often be overlooked. The laces that a skater chooses is extremely important because constantly dealing with laces coming untied can become a major detractor from the overall skating experience. Putting in a little extra effort to purchase the most comfortable laces at the proper size can help prevent a lace issue while on the ice.

There are two different types of laces: waxed and unwaxed. The only difference between the two is the wax coat that is applied to the waxed lace. This allows for the lace to remain tighter on the skate but also comes with some downsides like being more prone to snapping. Both types of laces come with both negatives and positives. There is no correct option or clearly superior skating lace to purchase, but they are a very important aspect to having an enjoyable experience when skating on the ice.

Things To Consider

When looking for ice skating laces, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What kind of ice skating laces do you want?
  • How much are you looking to spend on laces?
  • What length of laces do you want?

What are you looking for in ice skating laces?

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Adult-length
  • Youth-length
  • Colorful
  • Easy to lace


There are two different types of laces, waxed and unwaxed and, they both come with advantages and disadvantages.


Waxed laces have a wax layer that allows for them to stay tighter for longer while performing on the ice. These laces are not as durable and will snap more often than their unwaxed counterparts. Although they can snap more often, these laces will typically last longer than unwaxed laces. This is because they do not fray as easily. These are great because the wax allows for certain parts of the skate to be tied tighter than others.


  • Laces stay tighter for a longer period of time
  • Waxed tips make them easier to lace through the eyelets
  • Last longer


  • Snap more frequently
  • They are harder to grip, making them harsher on the hands
  • Tougher to untie


Unwaxed laces are great for a newer and younger skater as they are softer and easier to hold, making them easier to tie than waxed laces. Although they are more suitable for younger skaters, some experienced and older skaters prefer these laces to the waxed laces as well. Unwaxed laces will not snap but instead will wear and stretch out due to ice and water absorbing into the lace.


  • Great for younger skaters
  • Softer on hands when tying
  • Do not snap


  • Can stretch out or fray
  • Do not remain tight as long
  • Look ragged and old after lots of use


While there are plenty of brands that produce ice skating laces, the three top competitors within the industry are A&R, Elite Figure Skating, and Jerry’s Skating World.


A&R is a wholesale skating company that sells everything from hockey mouth guards to ice skating laces. They sell a plethora of skating laces from different brands for different types of skates like roller, ice, figure, and inline skating. A&R sells both waxed and unwaxed laces. This is a great place to find a niche type of skating laces. 

Elite Figure Skating

Elite Figure Skating produces lots of hockey and ice skating equipment, including unwaxed figure skating laces. Their laces come in three colors: white, black, and camel. They also come in six different sizes, so they can fit on any size skate.

Jerry’s Skating World

Jerry’s Skating World is a great place to shop for figure skating attire, blades, skates, and laces. They make laces that are designed to be worn with their Edea collection of skates, and they come in black and white. Jerry’s Skating World sells unwaxed laces on their website that come in three different sizes.


What sizes do ice skating laces come in?

Skating laces come in many different sizes to ensure that any size skate can have the proper length of lace. They range from 63 inches for youth skaters, up to around 120-132 inches, which are made for skates sizes 10-12 and up. Different companies may have different lengths, but typically there are around six to seven sizes that companies sell. Before purchasing a pair of laces, be sure to check a size chart that corresponds with the proper brand, as this will help ensure that the proper length lace is purchased.

How much do ice skating laces cost?

Ice skating laces are generally inexpensive and range from about $3-$10. Waxed laces and unwaxed laces are typically priced the same. Since the laces are inexpensive, it is recommended that you always have a backup pair because it is impossible to tell when a lace will snap or become too worn out for use. Skates normally come with a pair of unwaxed laces, so consider purchasing a pair of waxed laces as well to find which type you prefer.

What kind of ice skating laces do professionals use?

There is no one pair of ice skating laces that professionals use more often or prefer. Since both laces come with their own set of pros and cons, the decision is largely a preference. Therefore, professionals use both waxed and unwaxed laces. There is nothing more frustrating than having an untied pair of laces during competition and since waxed laces stay tighter and tied for longer, it would make more sense for professionals to use a pair of waxed laces.