Ice Skating Jackets

Ice Skating warmup Jackets

Staying warm while keeping a free range of movement is tricky for ice skaters. It can be tempting to bundle up in an ice rink, but too much bulk can get in the way of practicing. Fortunately, jackets for ice skating are specially made to allow full flexibility while keeping skaters comfortable as they practice.

Benefits of Ice Skating Jackets

Figure skating jackets are worn on and off the ice in a rink to stay warm and comfortable during training. They can come in vest or full-sleeved styles and are typically lightweight so as not to overheat the skater during intense exercises. Jackets made especially for figure skating often come in stretchy materials like spandex or polyester for a snug yet flexible fit, allowing precise form and uninhibited movement. 

Staying warm is vital for skaters on and off the rink. If a skater feels numb or too cold, it can be harder for them to achieve the form they need. Exposing the body to prolonged cold can also cause tightening or soreness in the muscles, especially when sweating.  Ice rinks catering to figure skating are slightly warmer than rinks catering to hockey, with figure skating rinks ranging from 25°F to 29°F on the ice, where hockey rinks typically have a 17°F to 24°F on-ice temperature range. The slightly higher temperature creates softer ice, allowing more friction between the ice and the blades, giving skaters a better grip for balance.

Things To Consider

When looking for ice skating jackets, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What size jacket are you looking for?
  • What type of jacket do you want?
  • How much are you looking to spend on an ice skating jacket?
  • Do you need a specific color or design?

What are you looking for in an ice skating jacket?

  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Warmth
  • Adult-sized
  • Youth-sized


Figure skaters can wear either vests or long-sleeve jackets to the rink.

Long Sleeve

Ice Skating Long Sleeve Jackets

A long-sleeved ice skating jacket offers full protection against the cold. They typically feature warm and lightweight materials on the inner lining, such as fleece. Jackets made especially for figure skating are often stretchy and odor resistant, with materials like polyester or spandex to fit the form while still being breathable and flexible. 


Ice Skating Vest Jackets

A vest provides skaters core warmth while allowing free arms for a full range of movement. They’re often more padded than long-sleeved jackets and are usually coupled with a long-sleeved shirt or sweater underneath, so the arms are still covered. While it gives skaters the advantage of fully free movement, it also offers less protection from the cold.


IceDress, Kami-So, and ChloeNoel are three of the top brands that sell ice skating jackets, among other apparel for the sport.


IceDress offers a variety of luxury thermal apparel for youth skaters especially. While its attire is more expensive at an average price of over $100, its jackets are also exceptionally durable and easy to move around in due to their high-quality designs. They have both vests and long-sleeved jackets in sleek, modern styles.


Kami-So has a great variety of both luxury and moderately priced thermal wear for women’s figure skating, with some jackets costing as low as $50 to $60. They have both plain and embellished designs, from classic black fleece to fun sequin and rhinestone designs on the back.


ChloeNoel is one of the most popular brands for youth figure skaters, with affordable jackets for under $50. They have both long-sleeved and vest jacket options in bright colors, sparkled designs, or plain neutral options. Their jackets are fitted in fleece or spandex options.


How do you know what size ice skating jacket to get?

Jackets for figure skating in particular should come in a snug, stretchy fit to help athletes view and analyze their form as they practice. They can be broken down into adult sizes and youth sizes, which fit skaters 16 and under. These jackets can usually be fitted to the wearer’s typical jacket sizes of small, medium, large and extra-large, although some can be tailored to the bust and waist measurements of the skater. 

How do you clean an ice skating jacket?

Unlike tights or dresses, ice skating jackets are some of the more durable pieces of attire in figure skating and can often be washed on a normal cycle in the washing machine. Some stoned or beaded jackets, however, may lose their decoration over time unless washed gently. Jackets with a higher amount of stretchy material like spandex should be dried only on a very gentle cycle in the dryer, or the excess heat may distort the shape. 

Are ice skating jackets allowed in competition?

Ice skating jackets are not worn as skaters compete on the ice, as competitors want to show off aesthetically pleasing outfits which match their music and routine. They would also prevent judges from properly viewing their form as they skate. Jackets are, however, important to wear off the ice or while skaters are waiting to perform to ensure that their muscles don’t lock up or get sore from the cold.