Ice Skating Gloves

Ice Skating Gloves

Ice skating gloves can be an essential aspect of any figure skater’s wardrobe. Although it is not mandatory for skaters to wear ice skating gloves during a figure skating competition, some skaters will wear them to feel more comfortable. Ice skating gloves can protect the skater’s hands if they fall, increase a skater’s grip, and keep their hands warm.

Benefits of Ice Skating Gloves

Ice skating gloves can be a comfortable and useful accessory for ice skaters during practice and competition. Although ice skating gloves are not required for a figure skater’s uniform during competitions, many skaters still wear them to protect their hands or add an additional element to their costume. 

The ideal ice skating gloves will help protect a skater’s hands from abrasions if they fall on the ice. Ice skating gloves can also keep skaters’ hands warm while practicing for long hours at the ice rink. Ice skating gloves should be made from flexible and durable material, such as polyester or spandex, in order to ensure the ice skater’s comfort.

Ice skaters can now find and choose from different types of ice skating gloves produced by different brands. Ice skating gloves are available in a wide variety of styles and colors in order to best suit a skater’s preferences or match their competition outfit.

Things To Consider

When looking for ice skating gloves, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of ice skating gloves do you want?
  • How much are you looking to spend on gloves?
  • What size gloves do you need?

What are you looking for in ice skating gloves?

  • Style
  • Thermal
  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Extra grip
  • Youth-sized
  • Adult-sized


The most common types of figure skating gloves are thermal gloves, grip gloves, and mittens.  

Thermal Gloves

Ice Skating Thermal Gloves

Thermal gloves are designed to keep ice skaters’ hands warm while they are practicing in cold temperatures at the ice rink. Normally, thermal gloves are designed with a layer of insulation that will prevent cold air from seeping into the hands.  They are usually made out of a flexible material, such as polyester or spandex, that can wrap tightly around the hand. 


  • Keeps skater’s hands warm
  • Available in a wide variety of styles


  • Hands can overheat in higher temperatures
  • May not provide ample grip

Grip Gloves

Ice Skating Grip Gloves

Grip gloves are made out of similar materials as thermal gloves, such as acrylic, but contain raised bumps on the palm side of the gloves. That way, the gloves have a texture that makes it easier for skaters to hold onto things. Grip gloves can help skaters push themselves off of the ice to stand back up if they fall.


  • Extra grip
  • Easier to catch yourself if you slip on the ice


  • May not contain lining as thick as thermal gloves
  • Extra grip may be unnecessary if you do not need to hold anything while skating


Ice Skating Mittens

Ice skating mittens are a less common, harder to find ice skating accessory. When shopping for figure skating mittens online, most, if not all, mittens are sized for children.  However, ice skating mittens are an alternative to ice skating gloves. They share the same purpose of keeping a skater’s hands warm and protected.


  • Provides warmth
  • Protects hands from the ice if a skater falls


  • Can restrict movement of your hands
  • Not normally worn during competition


The most popular brands that make ice skating gloves are IceDress, Jerry’s Skating World, and ChloeNoel. 


IceDress is a company that sells a wide variety of ice skating uniform gear and accessories. IceDress sells thermal ice skating gloves that come in different colors and styles. Some gloves also have rhinestones or designs. Many of IceDress’ gloves are available in five different sizes: children’s extra small, children’s small, children’s large, extra small, and small.

Jerry’s Skating World

Jerry’s Skating World is another company that sells skating wear and accessories, along with skates and blades. Jerry’s Skating World offers mini size, regular size gloves, and gripper gloves, in many different colors. The majority of the gloves sold online are decorated with rhinestones. 


ChloeNoel sells skating wear, costumes, and accessories. The best-selling gloves on their website are competition gloves that come in a nude skin tone color.  You can order their competition gloves with or without rhinestones. The gloves are available in either a junior or adult size and are made with 100% acrylic.


How do you clean ice skating gloves?

Many ice skating gloves are made from materials such as polyester, spandex, or acrylic. Those materials can be hand washed or washed in a washing machine, depending on the glove’s manufacturer. Skating gloves may come with instructions on how to wash them. It is important to be mindful of whether or not to put ice skating gloves in the dryer because the material may shrink.

How much do ice skating gloves cost?

The price of ice skating gloves can vary greatly; however, many gloves are available between the $20 to $35 price range. Thermal or padded gloves made from lined material can range from $20 to $25. Additionally, skating gloves that are decorated with crystals and rhinestones, or come in a complex color scheme, are often priced upwards of $30. Some companies may also charge a higher price for gloves sized for adults compared to gloves for children.

What sizes do ice skating gloves come in?

Ice skating gloves are typically available in both youth and adult sizes. Many companies that sell ice skating gloves offer gloves that are a “one size fits all” size for adults or children. However, some companies will have a wider selection of sizes, and will sell gloves that come in extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. For example, the size labels “CXS” and “CS” will stand for children’s gloves sizes extra small and small.