Ice Skating Dresses and Leotards

Ice Skating Dresses Leotards

There is a lot of equipment used in ice skating, including skates, knee pads, elbow pads, head protection, pants, and costumes. The most common ice skating costumes are dresses and leotards, which are frequently worn because of their high-quality fabric, as well as their intricate beading and designs which catch the attention of the judges. They also enhance the movements skaters make and allow them to be comfortable and warm while still able to move efficiently. 

Benefits of Ice Skating Dresses and Leotards

Ice skating dresses and leotards are important pieces of clothing that most ice skaters wear. Due to the wide variety of sizes, materials, and designs, customers have many options to choose from when purchasing costumes. Popular for their functionality, dresses and leotards are designed to flow and move with the skater’s movements. The skater’s body and dress work together to enhance the skater's performances, along with their designs full of intricate beading and crystals. Another benefit to these pieces of equipment is that skaters are allowed to move freely without feeling constricted, as the materials allow them to be comfortable and regulate their body temperature. Lastly, one interesting fact is that ice skaters that compete typically attach or sew charms or religious items onto their dresses or leotards for good luck. 

Things To Consider

When looking for ice skating dresses and leotards, you'll want to consider the following:

  • Are you looking for a dress or leotard?
  • How much are you looking to spend on a dress or leotard?
  • What size of dress or leotard do you want?

What are you looking for in ice skating dresses and leotards?

  • Youth-sized
  • Adult-sized
  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Style


The two main types of costumes that are worn by ice skaters when practicing or competing are dresses and leotards.


ice skating dresses

Ice skating dresses are an important piece of equipment worn by ice skaters during performances and competitions. Dresses typically cover the skaters’ upper bodies and have a skirt attached. They are usually worn to catch the judges’ attention when competing. Since the dresses are available in a variety of colors, designs, styles, and sizes, there are many options for customers to choose from. Depending on the brand, material, and design, the majority of high-quality dresses cost between $100-$250 or more, while competitive dresses can cost thousands of dollars. 


Ice Skating Leotards

Ice skating leotards are another commonly worn piece of clothing, but it is important to note that many athletes who skate competitively cannot wear just leotards. It is commonly required for skaters to wear skirts over them if they do not come with one attached. Leotards are a skin-tight bodysuit made of stretchy fabric that is sometimes connected to a skirt. Like dresses, leotards are around the same price of around $100-$250 and are available in many sizes, styles, and designs.


There are several brands to choose from when it comes to ice skating dresses and leotards, but IceDress, Ice Fire, and Mondor are some of the most popular.


IceDress is a very popular brand among ice skaters due to its sporty design, practicality, and variety of different cuts, colors, and styles of ice skating dresses. Most of their dresses and leotards are designed to be used by athletes because of their high coverage, soft, warm, and pilling resistant fabric that is great for competitions or training. For a slightly more expensive price point, their products tend to last a long time with proper care as the fabric has shape retention and is made out of high-quality materials. 

Ice Fire

IceFire is another reputable brand that offers affordable yet well-designed and unique ice skating dresses and leotards. Their costumes are typically made from soft polar fleece, which keeps ice skaters warm and comfortable. Ice Fire is also known for its colorful dresses and sparkling designs. Often containing rhinestones, beads, and crystals, their dresses stand out from other brands because of their eye-catching styles and designs.


Mondor is another brand that many ice skaters favor due to its variety of styles, colors, and designs of dresses and leotards. Their polyester and mesh-based fabrics for dresses and leotards allow skaters to have a breathable and lightweight feel at a reasonable price point. There are many options for colors and styles to choose from, as well as a sizing guide to ensure that each dress fits perfectly. 


How do you clean an ice skating dress or leotard?

Most ice skating dresses need to be washed with care due to their fragility and tendency to have beads and gems sewn onto them. They can be added to a bin with delicate laundry detergent and warm water to be soaked and then hand washed with soapy water. Another method is to machine wash the dress at a slow speed with a warm water setting and delicate detergent. This is typically done more with leotards as they are less fragile. When drying, the dresses should be placed in an odor-free environment. If the material has a thicker solid fabric, it must be hung up to dry, but if it is more delicate and fragile, lay it flat to dry with a large towel underneath to soak up any moisture. 

What sizes do ice skating dresses and leotards come in?

The majority of ice skating dresses and leotards come in youth and adult sizes. The youth sizes typically range between an XXS and L, or 4-6, 6-7, 8-10, 10-12, and 12-14. Adult sizes range between XS and L. These sizes go by measurements that are generally standard among most brands. When trying to find the right size to purchase, check if there are any ripples or wrinkles, which could indicate that you may need a smaller size. On the other hand, if the dress pulls on you, it could be too small. 

How much do ice skating dresses and leotards cost?

The prices of ice skating dresses and leotards vary depending on the brand, style, and design. Leotards and dresses cost about the same and can vary from $100 to $250 or more.  Additionally, professional dresses are typically much more expensive and cost thousands of dollars but are usually only worn by Olympians or other high-level skaters.