Ice Skating Basics

What are the basics of Ice skating? What are the most important things to understand about Ice skating? Get ready to learn the basic rules of Ice skating.

Ice Skating Basics

Ice Skating Basics

Although difficult, ice skating can be one of the most exciting and fun athletic activities to learn. The sport requires exceptional skating; however, and athletes must practice and learn the craft before participating. In ice skating, the ability to dance can be a distinct advantage, and many athletes will take lessons in order to gain it. In the same sense, athletes can fall behind if they are not as skilled. Learning to ice skate can be a long and frustrating process, but one that is worth it if you truly commit yourself.

The Most Important Things To Know About Ice Skating

The most important thing to know about ice skating is that it is incredibly difficult and takes a true commitment in order to succeed truly. Skating ability, as well as the ability to dance while doing so, are not traits that come to just anyone. Ice skating is known for being a sport that takes very long hours practicing and learning the craft. Ice skating is also very expensive as multiple pieces of equipment are needed as well as ice time. This can be a burden to some athletes trying to get into the sport.

  1. It takes hours of practice
  2. It is very expensive
  3. Having good quality equipment is crucial
  4. Figure Skating can be incredibly stressful
  5. Skaters must know how to skate incredibly well
  6. Spins, steps, and jumps are an important part of figure skating
  7. A big part of ice skating is learning specific turns and rotations
  8. There are many moves in ice skating with names such as the “double axel” that skaters learn
  9. A performance by a figure skater is called a “routine” similar to dancing
  10.  Skaters have coaches that help them practice and analyze their routines
  11.  Figure skaters wear costumes

List of Ice skating Basic Rules

In ice skating you are scored by a panel of judges, and the job of the ice skater is to get the highest possible score. Athletes can be judged based on the amount and quality of spins, jumps, and steps. This is the same in pairs, except both athletes are judged based on their coordinated movements. Here is a list of some more ice skating rules to know:

  • Athletes must wear approved figure skates
  • Men must wear pants or trousers.
  • Women must wear tights, trousers, and or unitards
  • Athletes must vary their performances from routine to routine  
  • Certain types of music are not allowed
  • Athletes can be disqualified for not following time regulations
  • Costumes cannot be too decorative or revealing

Ice Skating Basics Summary

In this piece, you’ve learned about the basics of ice skating, the rules of ice skating, and some other important information to know about the sport. It is important to do further research into what type of ice skating you would like to participate in (pairs or singles) as well as into what equipment you would like to purchase. More information can be found at the U.S. figure skating website.