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Wingers, also known as wings, are forwards who typically play along the wings of the ice rink. The Winger is the most common position on a hockey team. There are typically eight on the team roster. Wingers are typically the main scorers and leading the team for shots on goal. Wingers practice shooting more than any other position in hockey.

Roles and Responsibilities

Wingers are primarily responsible for playing offense and creating offensive situations in the attacking zone. You'll typically find a wing playing in the slot.

Wingers have less defensive responsibilities than the other players on the ice.

Wingers spend most of the game on the outside of the rink, playing along the boards. When the puck is on the opposite side of the rink from them, they will drift towards center ice.

When in the defensive zone, wingers are typically tasked with guarding the opposing team's defensemen, who typically position themselves along the blue line when in the attacking zone.

The wing's jobs on the ice will change depending on the position of the puck on the ice. However, a wing's core jobs are to score goals, make shots on goal, and play the puck close to the boards.

Types of Wingers

Wingers are the other piece of offense in hockey. There are left wingers and right wingers, but the only difference is the side of the field they play on. Left wingers are typically left-handed and right wingers are typically right-handed. This is so that wingers can catch passes on their forehand, and be ready for a quick shot.

Wingers can often switch between playing the left and right side. Some wingers can play center as well.

Left Winger (LW)

Left wingers typically play along the left side of the rink. It also helps for a left wing to shoot left-handed, as it makes it easier to distribute the puck to the middle of the ice.

Right Winger (RW)

Right wingers have much of the same responsibilities of the left wingers, except they play primarily on the right side of the rink. As opposed to left wingers, it helps to have a right-handed shot when playing right wing.

Winger Strategy

Wingers focus on strong puck handling and skating skills. They take the most shots on goal out of any other position in hockey.

Wingers must create offensive situations that put himself and his teammates in strong shooting positions.

Winger Statistics

A strong winger is defined by their game performance. Important stats include Goals (G), Assists (A), and Shots on Goal (S).

Top NHL Wingers

The following lists some of the top wingers in the National Hockey League by team:

Alex OvechkinLeft Winger
Nikita KucherovRight Winger
Vladamir TarasenkiRight Winger
Patrick KaneRight Winger, Shoots Left-handed
Bobby HullLeft Winger
Gordie HoweRight Winger


What does a winger do in hockey?

A winger is a forward position in hockey who plays near the boards on the left or right hand wings of the ice. Wingers are responsible for making shots on goal in the offensive zone.