Who Is Gordie Howe In Hockey?

Ice Hockey Gordie Howe

Gordon "Gordie" Howe is a Canadian National Hockey League player known for his performance and skills on the ice. Nicknamed, "Mr. Hockey," Howe was known for his scoring ability, winning the Hart Memorial trophy and Art Ross trophy more than once.

Gordie Howe moved to the United States in 1944 and soon after signed a contract with Omaha in 1945. He only stayed for a year before he moved to play on the Detroit Red Wings. In Detroit, Howe dominated the ice rink, scoring a grand total of 103 points at the peak of his career. While Howe retired in 1970, he would soon go on to play in the World Hockey Association on the New England Whalers. The Whalers would bring him back into the NHL as the team would be moved into the league in 1979.

Howe finally retired from hockey in 1980. By the end of his career, Gordie Howe broke many records including total points, goals and assists. These records would be broken soon after by hockey star Wayne Gretzky. He would spend a total of 5 decades playing hockey. Gordie Howe's talent and accomplishments remain, making him known to be one of the most talented hockey players to date.


Did Gordie Howe ever have a Gordie Howe hat trick?

In his entire career, Gordie Howe completed a total of 2 Gordie Howe hat tricks. The Gordie Howe hat trick is a variation of the common hat trick and is when a hockey player completes a goal, an assist, and a fight in a single game. Other players to have completed it include Rick Tocchett with a total of 18 hatricks and Brian Sutter with 17. While the Gordie Howe hat trick is named after the star player, the term was coined despite the fact that Howe only ever completed the trick twice.

Why was Gordie Howe named "Mr. Hockey?"

Gordie Howe was nicknamed "Mr. Hockey" for his talent and passion for the game of hockey. He was known for loving the game and the fans, often attending charity events and staying after games to sign autographs. Gordie Howe also played hockey for over 5 decades, which made him well known throughout the hockey community. He made contributions to the sport that are still prevalent today, and continues to make it on the top 100 list of best hockey players.

When did Gordie Howe play hockey?

Gordie Howe began playing hockey in the National Hockey League in 1945. He played for the Chicago Red Wings for a total of 25 seasons. Soon after, he would go on to join the New England Whalers (now the Hartford Whalers) where he would play from 1977 to 1979 and would retire at the age of 52. Howe was the oldest person to ever play professional hockey and was involved in the NHL for a span of 5 decades.

How many records does Gordie Howe have?

Gordie Howe broke many records during his long career. He held the record for the most games played, most games played with one team, goals scored and career points. While he maintains records such as the most seasons played in the NHL, many of his records were broken soon after. More specifically, his record for goals scored was broken by Wayne Gretsky in 1994.