What Is The Size Of A Hockey Net?

Ice Hockey Goal Size

A typical hockey goal's size is 72 inches wide, 48 inches tall, and 40 inches deep.

Hockey goals are rectangularly shaped with two vertical side posts and a crossbar making up the front of the goal. The net attaches to the back of the goal to catch the hockey pucks after a shot. Goal posts are tube-like poles, approximately 2 inches wide that are generally made of steel. In the NHL, all goal posts are colored red, in other leagues the color of the goal posts may differ.

The dimensions of the goal remain the same at 72" by 48" by 40" for most levels of hockey, including the NHL, NCAA and high-school hockey. However, some youth hockey leagues will use slightly smaller goals around 60 inches wide, 44 inches tall, and 24 inches deep.


What is a standard size hockey goal?

The standard size for a hockey goal is 72 inches wide, by 48 inches tall, by 40 inches deep. It has two vertical posts and a horizontal crossbar that are all approximately 2 inches wide. This sized goal is used consistently in all NHL and NCAA hockey competitions.

In youth hockey, some leagues will opt to use smaller sized goals. The smaller youth sized goals are generally 40 inches wide, 36 inches tall, and 24 inches deep.

How heavy is a hockey goal?

Hockey goals can have very different weights depending on the materials they are constructed out of. The typical hockey goal will normally weigh around 40-50 pounds. Heavy duty goals made with reinforced steel posts tend to be more expensive and generally weigh around 70 pounds. Cheaper goals, or smaller goals made for children will use lighter metals or even plastic to construct goal posts, making them weigh significantly less.

Do NHL hockey nets have size changes?

No, all NHL nets are required to meet the regulation size standards of 72 inches wide, by 48 inches tall, by 40 inches deep. This will never change in a current NHL game as consistency is required to make all competitions fair. The NHL has used the same size for its nets since the 2013-2014 season when they changed the rules to make nets more shallow by taking off about 4 inches.

What is a hockey goal made of?

Hockey goals are made up of two parts, the metal posts and the net itself. The vertical goalposts and crossbar are constructed of galvanized steel, making them strong to resist impact. Hockey nets are made of high quality nylon to ensure the net doesn't break, even for high speed shots. Other cheaper goals or children's goals will occasionally have goalposts that are made of strong plastic, PVC or aluminum.