What Is The Frozen Four In Hockey?

Ice Hockey Frozen Four

The Frozen Four is the annual semifinals and finals of the NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament. This part of the tournament is played at a neutral site that is selected before the season starts. For the entire tournament, 16 teams play through four rounds to crown the champion. The champion for each of the six conferences automatically qualifies for the tournament, while there are 10 at-large bids given out to other worthy teams that did not win their conference tournament.

Frozen Four History

The first Frozen Four Final was held in 1948, nine years after NCAA Basketball began playing the Final Four, which has since become a cultural phenomenon. The first-ever Frozen Four was won by Michigan in an 8-4 victory over Dartmouth. College hockey is a more niche sport than college basketball, but hockey fans from all over the country still pack arenas to watch the most exciting college hockey of the season.

Frozen Four Format

The Frozen Four is composed of four teams that won their regional finals games in the NCAA Men’s Division I Ice Hockey Tournament. Two regional winners play a single game to determine who will play in the championship game. The winner of the championship game wins the title of National Champion.

What team has won the most Frozen Fours?

The Michigan Wolverines and Denver Pioneers are tied for the most NCAA ice hockey championships in the history of the tournament, with nine championships. Behind these two schools, North Dakota is next, with eight championships. Along with having the most Frozen Four wins, Michigan also won the first-ever NCAA ice hockey championship in 1948.