What Is Biting In Hockey?

Ice Hockey Biting

Hockey is an aggressive sport and it is not uncommon for players to bite their opponent when fighting on the ice.

This occurs most often when opponents are fighting, and one player puts their hand in front of the other person's face to block their sight, however, this has led to the other player biting the opponent's hand, with or without gloves on. Other instances include players biting their opponent's shoulders, and wherever players can seek their teeth into.

Biting in hockey, amongst other very aggressive actions like hair pulling, has been associated with the game of hockey for decades. There are many recognizable moments in hockey history with biting involved. In 1990, Washington defensemen Scott Stevens was bitten by Chicago player Dave Manson after Manson allegedly claimed that Stevens tried to gouge his eyes out. In 2003, Marc Savard bit Darcy Tucker and years later also bit Dan Carcillo.