What Is A Wrist Shot In Hockey?

Ice Hockey Wrist Shot

A wrist shot in ice hockey makes the player put a large portion of its lower body weight energy into the shot. The wrist shot relies on using the wrist and forearm muscles to help shoot the puck with accuracy and a fast delivery. A wrist shot will be made with the concave side of the stick, but the same type of shot can be made with the convex side of the stick however this is referred to as a backhanded shot. A player must have strong arm muscles in order to gather enough energy to make a fast shot. The wrist shot has an advantage over the slap shot because there is less set up required and it is much more accurate than a slap shot. A wrist shot relies more on focusing the energy and shift of body weight during the shot.


How fast is a wrist shot in hockey?

A wrist shot is known for its speed and accuracy in the National Hockey League. A wrist shot can vary in speed from player to player, but the player with the fastest wrist shot is Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals. Ovechkin holds the record for the fastest wrist shot in ice hockey, with a record time of 79.4 miles per hour. Ovechkin is known for making his shots look simple and easy to replicate, but for also exuding a lot of energy and speed into them.

How do you hit a wrist shot in hockey?

In order to complete a wrist shot, a player relies on the power of their wrist and forearm muscles with the lower body power to utilize enough energy to push the puck forward. Wrist shots are not the most difficult shot to complete during an ice hockey game, instead that title belongs to the slap shot. Wrist shots can be completed when the concave side of the stick is used to hit the puck.

What's the difference between a wrist shot and a snapshot?

The difference between a wrist shot and snap shot in hockey is that the snap shot combines the two different moves from the wrist shot and slap shot. A snap shot relies most of its power to come from the wrists while the puck will stay in place. The wrist shot will utilize its wrists while also bringing in power from the lower half of the body. Both the wrist shot and snap shot rely on bringing in accuracy as well when making the shot.

What are the types of shots in hockey?

There are 5 different types of shots in ice hockey. Shovel, wrist, snap, slap, backhand, and other shots that are simply a combination of two. The shovel shot is the most basic type of shot in hockey, it involves a player making a shoveling motion to the puck in the desired direction he wants. The most difficult shot in hockey is the slap shot, this shot involves the player four different stages that must be performed in one fluid motion.