What Is A Slap Shot In Hockey?

Ice Hockey Slap Shot

In hockey, a slap shot is a type of shooting technique that is used to produce a fast and powerful shot. It is considered one of the most difficult shots to master and one of the most difficult for goalies to save. Slap shots are the most powerful shot in the sport. However, it sacrifices a bit of accuracy and takes a bit longer to execute compared to other shooting techniques.

Slap Shot History

Bernard Geoffrion is credited with popularizing the slap shot and perfecting its technique in the 1950s. It has been used consistently in professional hockey ever since. Although new trends have shown a reduction in slap shot usage, they are still common and used by almost every NHL player. Due to hockey’s quick-paced nature, many players are now utilizing wrist shots more often for a quicker shooting time.


The slap shot has four phases: the backswing, downswing, striking the puck, and the followthrough. It works by the player winding their stick up to about shoulder height, then swinging the stick so it “slaps” the ice and bends backward to build up power. Next, the player will continue their swing so the stick snaps and hits the puck, shooting it at high speeds. Finally, the player will follow through on their shot so that their stick is pointing towards the goal.

Practicing these phases individually and focusing on fundamentals rather than speed will help you develop a powerful slap shot.


What is a slap shot in hockey?

A slap shot in hockey is a type of shot used to create the maximum power and speed. It is known as the hardest shot in hockey. Slap shots use built-up power from bending the hockey stick backward on the ice and releasing the power onto the puck, resulting in shot speeds upwards of 100 miles per hour.

How do you do a slap shot in hockey?

There are four main steps to learning the slapshot in hockey, the backswing, downswing, striking the puck, and the followthrough. First, the player winds up their stick to about shoulder height. They will then swing their stick forward at full speed, making contact with the ice first (to bend the stick backward and build up power) and then with the puck itself. Lastly, the player will follow through on the shot to where the hockey stick ends up pointing towards the goal. Remember, the slap shot is known as the hardest shot in hockey, so it will take a lot of practice to master.

Are slap shots allowed?

Yes, slap shots are allowed at almost any level of hockey. However, slap shots are known to be one of the most difficult shooting techniques in the sport. With the high level of difficulty associated with slap shots, as well as an evolving game that lends itself more towards wrist shots, the slap shot is becoming less common nowadays. So while you might not see a lot of slap shots utilized in modern hockey games, they are definitely still allowed in the sport.

Who has the fastest slap shot in the NHL?

The world's fastest slap shot was clocked at 109.2 miles per hour. The record is held by Martin Frk, an NHL right wing for the Ontario Reign. The previous record was recently broken at the 2020 AHL All-Star Weekend in Ontario, California, making Frk the current record holder. There are rumors of international players hitting slap shots of up to 114 miles per hour, but there are no official records of shots at these speeds, so they are not recognized by the NHL.