What Is A Shot On Goal In Hockey?

Ice Hockey Shot On Goal

A "shot on goal" in hockey is anytime there is a shot where the puck is aimed and hit towards the opposing team's goal by a player.

Any shot aimed towards the goal is counted as a "shot on goal." A shot that directs the puck towards the net that goes into the goal, near the goal, or is by the goalie will count towards the number of "shots on goal."

A shot that may be deflected or caught by a defender from the opposing team will not count towards the numbers of "shots on goal." The player that blocked the shot will be credited with the block and the shot block will count towards "number of blocked shots." Any attempted shot that hits the posts of the goal also does not count as a "shot on goal".

In NHL history, the player with the most shots on goal is Ray Bourque, of the Boston Bruins and the Colorado Avalanche, with 6209 shots on goal total.


What is a shot in hockey?

A shot in hockey is any attempt by a player to aim and shoot the puck towards the goal in order to earn a point for their team. Typically the attackmen are the ones that will make the shots, but defensemen have been known to make shots as well in ice hockey. In order to prevent a shot from going into the goal, an opposing team defender must stop the shot or the goalie must block the puck from entering the goal.

Is a penalty shot a shot on goal?

A penalty shot is given when the opposing team incurs a penalty which forces the opposing player to go into the penalty box. The player who was fouled is allowed to be the one to take the penalty shot. Another way to get a penalty shot is when a team loses a clear scoring opportunity on a breakaway due to a foul from an opposing team member. If a specific player was not fouled then the captain of the team that was awarded a penalty shot will decide who gets to take the shot.

What happens after a goal is scored in hockey?

After a goal is scored in ice hockey, a very loud horn is blasted throughout the arena if the home team scores and a point song will be played for fans to celebrate. Lights will also flash by the goal where the goal was made because it can be difficult for fans to see where the puck went in case they missed it. The players from both teams will then reset and another puck drop will occur and the players will restart the game again.

How do player points work in hockey?

If a player scores a goal then he is awarded a point for his team during the game. This point adds up to the players total number of goals that he has earned over the course of his career. Teams are awarded two points per game that they win and one point for each tie. A game that ties and depends on a shootout to declare a winner will then be awarded an extra point if they win the shootout.