What Does A Right Wing Do In Hockey?

Ice Hockey Right Wing

The right wing in hockey is an offensive position in which the right wing players primarily stay to the right of the center forward player, skating both in the offensive and defensive zones.

The right wing position is a part of the forward position, so this position focuses on helping the puck score into the net. The right wingers, just like the left wingers, are the primary players to score the goals, so right wing players must train on their shooting skills often to achieve great aim. The right wing position is an aggressive position as they try to dodge past the opposing defensemen and shoot, or try to receive possession back from the opponent. Many hockey players who play in the winger position will play the side of their off-hand. This means that most right wing position players play hockey left-handed.

Right wingers are also responsible for helping the defensemen and getting the puck out of their defensive zone and away from their net. Right wingers in the defensive zone will usually stay between the hash marks and the top of the circle in order to be close enough to a defender to retrieve the puck from them, and also far away enough to control the puck and bring it to more neutral, or even to a more offensive area.

Hockey players in the right wing position must be flexible in their strategies as they change from offensive to defensive in a matter of seconds.


What is the job of a right wing in hockey?

The job of the right wing position is to shoot the puck into the back of the net, passing the opposing goalie and scoring a goal. If an open shot is not available for the right winger, the right winger must pass to the center or left winger to assist in shooting the puck. Another job of the right winger is to be aggressive and take possession of the puck back if it is in the possession of the opponent.

What wing should I play in hockey?

Most commonly, if a hockey player is left-handed and is an offensive player, they will play the right wing position. If a hockey player is right-handed and an offensive player, they will play the left-wing position. Playing the position of the player's off-hand will help the offensive player have more control of their stick and have better aim towards the goal.

Who is the best NHL right winger?

The best right wing player in the National Hockey League is David Pastrnak playing for the Boston Bruins. Pastrnak scored 48 goals and a total of 95 points for the 2019-2020 season. Pastrnak follows behind Leon Draisaitl in the number of points accumulated for this season.