What Does A Left Wing Do In Hockey?

ice hockey left wing

The hockey left wing players are offensive positions in hockey that primarily stay on the left side of the ice, both in the offensive and defensive zones, hence the position name "left wing."

Left wing positions are a part of the forward positions, so this position focuses on scoring the puck into the net. Many times, the center forward player will pass the puck to the left wing, and the left wing will shoot the puck into the net. Because the wing positions in hockey are most often scoring the goals, it is important that those players have great aim. If there is a greater opportunity for the center or right wing player to score the puck into the net, the left wing will pass the puck to either of those players. Left wing players are also responsible for intercepting the puck from the opposing team if the puck is on that left side of the ice.


Do left handed hockey players play left wing?

The position name is called the 'left wing' because of the side of the ice rink that they are primarily on, not the hand the player is most dominant with. Actually, most left wing players are right-handed because it allows the player to have a better chance of successfully shooting the puck into the net based on their position on the ice.

What is the left wing lock in hockey?

The left wing lock is a defensive strategy in which the left winger falls back to the left side of the defense zone, and the left defensemen shifts to the middle with the right defensemen staying in place, creating a defensive wall against the opponents. The left wing lock is used when the possession of the puck is on the opponent's team and the puck is towards the left side of the ice. This will then allow the left winger to be both aggressive and defensive, ready to defend their net and to also try and take back the possession of the puck.

What should a left winger's dominant hand be?

Usually, the left wingers are right-handed. This enables the player to shoot the puck more easily into the net when the opportunity strikes based on their position on the ice rink. It is a myth that only left-handed players can play the left wing position.

Who is the best left wing player in the NHL?

The best left winger in the National Hockey League today is Leon Draisaitl playing for the Edmonton Oilers. He completed the 2019-2020 season with 43 goals and a total of 110 points. He received the Art Ross trophy this year, awarded to the player who earned the highest number of points in the entire league.