What Does A Hockey Center Do?

ice hockey center

The center in hockey is the most active player on the ice, playing both offense and defense.

Since the center is involved at the core of the offense and defense of their team, they are essential to their team’s success.

Center Roles and Responsibilities

Playing center requires a player to be extremely versatile, as they have extremely important roles and responsibilities on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ice.

Offensive Responsibilities

On offense, the center’s main focus is to score on the opposing goalie. Aside from scoring, it is important for the center to get open for the wing players, make accurate passes, and help create scoring opportunities. A centerman is also responsible for winning faceoffs for their team. Centers are typically excellent playmakers and are responsible for many of the team’s assists throughout the game.

Defensive Responsibilities

On the defensive side, the center’s main goal is to prevent the other team from passing and shooting in front of the net. Since the center generally plays in the middle of the defensive zone, they need to know what goes on around them and can break up many of the other team’s passes. They also should assist defensemen in the corner to take the puck away from the other team.

Notable NHL Centers


What does a center do in hockey?

A center in hockey is one of the main leaders on the ice. The center plays in the middle of both the offensive and defensive zones and is responsible for facilitating play through each side. On offense, the center helps to move the puck, get open, and create scoring chances. On defense, the center breaks up passes and helps the defensemen when the opposing team is bringing the puck along the edge of the ice.

What skills are important to play center in hockey?

To be a successful center, it is important to have a high hockey IQ and to see the ice well. This allows a center to read the opposing team and be able to spot open passing and scoring opportunities. A center should also be strong in skating and passing because the position is very active and requires the player to facilitate much of the game. A center should also be a skilled communicator.

What position scores the most in hockey?

The position that scores the most in hockey varies from team to team. Typically, the right and left wing positions score the most goals on the team. Right and left wingers specialize on the offensive side of the game and usually take the most shots, giving them the greatest chance to score.

Who is the best hockey center of all time?

Wayne Gretzky is widely considered the best center and player of all time. In the 1985-1986 season, Gretzky set an NHL record with 215 points in a single season. He has the record for most goals scored in a season with 92 goals in 1981-1982 and the most goals in a career with 894 goals. Aside from scoring, Gretzky was an exemplary center with exceptional passing skills.