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Hockey Penalty Box

hockey penalty box

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The Penalty Box

The penalty box is located on the outside part of the boards around the perimeter of the hockey rink.

There are two penalty boxes, one for each team near the benches.

When a player is called for a penalty during a game, they are sent to the penalty box to serve their time.

The amount of time a player is in the penalty box is based on the type of penalty.

For example, if a player is assessed a minor penalty for tripping, they must go to the penalty box for two minutes.

When a player is sent to the penalty box, their team is short-handed and the other team is on a power play.


Can multiple players be in the penalty box per team?

Yes, there can be two or more players in the penalty box for a team. However, a team can have no fewer than three skaters on the ice during a hockey game.

Is it possible for both teams to be on a power play?

Yes, both teams can be on a power play at the same time, meaning each team has a player in the penalty box.


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