What Is Goal Line In Hockey?

Ice Hockey Goal Line

The goal lines in hockey are red lines that run from corner to corner of the rink on both sides. The goal lines are typically 11 feet from the end boards on both sides of the rink. The line runs in front of the goal and is important to officials in determining if a goal is scored. The hockey puck must be completely over the goal line. If any part of the puck is on the line, the goal does not count. The goal line is especially important in video reviews, as it helps the officials determine if a goal counts.


Ice Hockey Icing

Goal lines also play a big factor in icing infractions. Icing is when a team shoots the puck from behind the center line to the other team's goal line. This is an infraction because it prevents players from being able to get rid of the puck whenever their team is in danger of being scored on. The goal line is essential to officials who call the icing infraction and is a big rule in the sport.

Goal Trapezoid

Ice Hockey Goalie Trapezoid

The goal lines also make up the goalie trapezoid. The goalie of the defensive team is only allowed to move in the trapezoid. If they do not, they risk getting a penalty by the officials. Therefore, the goal line is important to goalies as they must know where they are along the line to avoid a possible penalty.


Ice Hockey Defense

As a hockey team, players want to stay as far away as possible from their defensive zone, and their goal line. If they do not, they risk getting scored on by the opposing team.


What do the lines mean on a hockey rink?

The lines on a hockey rink all have different meanings, but they all help officials and fans understand what is happening in a game. The red lines are the goal lines and are important to determining if a goal counts. The blue lines, on the other hand, help divide the rink into thirds. It helps officials designate which side is the offensive zone and which side is the defensive zone. In addition, the center red line divides the rink in half. This line is only important in helping officials determine an icing infraction.

How do players score a goal in hockey?

In order to score a goal in hockey, a player must shoot the puck into the net. The puck must cross the goal line entirely in order to count as a goal. However, the attacking team must get the puck around a goalie, who is actively trying to shield the net and deflect pucks. A goal is worth one point for the attacking team, even if a defensive player accidentally sends the puck into the back of the net themselves.