Hockey Rink Dimensions


We now understand the basics of what an ice hockey rink looks like, but how big is it?

Rink Dimensions

The size of an ice hockey rink varies based on the level of play (youth, college, pro).

NHL Rink Dimensions

An NHL ice hockey rink is 200ft in length and 85ft in width. An ice hockey rink has rounded edges with a 28-foot corner radius.

Hockey Rink Dimensions NHL

International Rink Dimensions

Hockey leagues such as the KHL (Russia) and SHL (Sweden) play on a larger ice surface. While their rinks typically remain 200ft in length, they are usually 13.4ft wider than most North American rinks.

Hockey Rink Dimensions International

PRO TIP: Since the red line represents the middle of the rink, it is an even 100ft from both ends of the rink. The blue lines are both 25ft from the red line.

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